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Welcome to FOREVER! 

Thank you for joining Forever as an Ambassador! We are thrilled to have you sharing in the important mission of saving family memories for generations. 

If you are ready to start your Forever business, then we encourage you to become a Forever Certified Ambassador, by taking part in the Certified Ambassador Program (CAP).  CAP is a series of 4 training sessions that will take you from the very basics of your Forever business, all the way through holding your first Forever Event! Watch each session and "graduate" the Certified Ambassador Program by completing the Assessment Test at the bottom of this page. 


CAP Session 1

Getting Started with Forever

CAP Session 1 includes the foundation of your Forever business. This session includes a Forever Overview, Store Tour, Back Office Tour, and Ambassador Training Website Tour. 

Session 1 Homework: 

1. Request to join the Forever Facebook group - CLICK HERE 

2. Watch the Forever Jump Start Training - CLICK HERE
  - Upload a few photos and get familiar with your account.

  - Download the Forever app on your mobile device. Take a screen shot of the app on your phone & text it to          your up-line.

3. In your Getting Started Guide:
  - Decide WHO you can share Forever with (pg. 7).
  - Fill out the New Ambassador Questionnaire (pg 9)

  - Take a pic of these pages and text them to your up-line.

4. Prepare your Forever Business Binder. Instructions on how to create your Business Binder can be found by CLICKING HERE! 

CAP Session 2

Sharing Forever

CAP Session 2 includes where and how to share Forever. 

Session 2 Homework: 

Getting Ready for Your Business Launch Event:

1. Download & print the Overcoming Hesitations sheet. Add it to your business binder for easy access. 

2. Create your Forever Business Launch Event guest list.

3. Decide the date/time/location, HOW you will invite and CREATE your invitation.

4. Submit your Forever Business Launch Event goals to your up-line:
    - # of attendees goal, # of bookings goal, and total sales goal.

CAP Session 3

Your First Forever Event

CAP Session 3 includes the different types of Forever events and the ins and outs of how to hold your first Forever Event! 

Session 3 Homework: 

1. Write down and record yourself giving your event welcome/opening 

2. Hold and close your first Forever event! 

CAP Session 4

The Forever Business Opportunity

CAP Session 4 includes an overview of the Forever Business Opportunity and Sales Plan. 

Session 4 Homework: 

1. Watch the Forever Business Opportunity video.

2. Download, print, and review the Business Opportunity script. 

3. Create a list of 10 people you feel may be interested in joining you as a Forever Ambassador. Take a picture of

this list and text or email to your up-line Ambassador.

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