Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which gives license for 2 computers Historian or Artisan?

    • One place to store and organize (Historian) & many places to create​ (Artisan). You can install Artisan on up to 2 computers and Historian only on 1.

  •  How does Mobile Auto Sync work and what happens if they don't have enough storage to sync all the photos?

    • Auto sync will pull in all the photos that are taken after they have turned it on relative to their wifi and data settings. Once you are over capacity you will not continue to have photos upload via auto sync. If they have auto sync turned on it will still display as on so that if they were to add more storage it would continue from the last upload!​

  • How do I gift Storage?

    • Set up the account using their email address (but they will get notified when you set it up)

    • Buy a Gift Certificate​

    • Purchase an account with an email address other than the person you are gifting to (create a temp email address if needed). Set yourself up as the Account Manager, upload photos and organize their account. When you are ready to gift it you can change the account email to the recipients. address

  • What is the end of month deadline for promotions?

    • 11:59pm PST​

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