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Getting Started Checklist

1. Reach out to your upline 

-Schedule a 15-minute appointment to discuss your business goals and learn more about our 30 Day Success Plan, through which you can earn an extra $50 cash in the first month of your new business.


2. Login to your Back Office and be sure your information is all set up correctly

-Check your email and mailing address

-Check your banking information for payments

-Be sure you are connected to the correct upline

-Make sure you have selected YOURSELF as your Ambassador so you receive commission on personal purchases

3. Join our Facebook group: Ambassador Facebook Group  

-This is where you will go to communicate with other Ambassadors, ask and answer questions, and learn about current promotions and upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you there!


4. Sign up for the monthly Ambassador Web Meeting

-Mark the first Wednesday of each month (at 12pm Eastern) on your calendar for our monthly Ambassador Meeting. This is where you will have the chance to really connect with the home office and hear about all the happenings of the coming month. Click here to register


5. Become Certified

-The FOREVER™ Ambassador Certification FOREVER™ Ambassador Certification program has been developed educate you on FOREVER™ so that you can become a confident and successful representative of our brand. This module-based curriculum includes three courses: FOREVER™ Products and Services, Sharing FOREVER™ with Others, and FOREVER™ Ambassador Training.


We are glad to have you as part of our FOREVER™ Family! Be sure to visit the Ambassador Training Site site often.

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