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Printing Holiday Cards at Forever is the best way to get new customers to try Forever. Watch this training to learn how to approach your friends and family to help them print cards with Forever this holiday season!

Boosting your Sales

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Hosting a 1 Hour Facebook Event

January 25, 2018

Join Terri Cave and Sheri Meissner as they explain exactly how you can host your own 1 Hour Facebook Event to grow your customer base. You will receive a complete training on how to set up the event, upload the Facebook memes and use the detailed instructions.

The Instructions, memes and account tour video can be found on the training site under: Ambassador Info/Forms & Files/Ways to Share FOREVER™/1 Hour Facebook Event

Click Here for the Power Point Slides 

Learning how to Screen Sharing

January 04, 2018

Fast Forward Session #1 is about using screen sharing in order to share FOREVER™ from the comfort of your own home. Join Deanna Johnson and Kathy Gordon as they explain exactly how you can utilize screen sharing in order to grow your customer base in your FOREVER™ business.

Click Here for Power Point Slides

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Social Media Training

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Join Erica Burg to learn all you need to know about Pinterest!

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